Technology Tuesday – My Bag Of Crap Arrived

It’s no secret that a lot of techies love, especially when there is a Woot! Off taking place. I lucked out and nailed down my third “Bag Of Crap” and thought I’d share the contents:

  1. Neon Green Bag (you always get a bag with the BOC) with giant purple flowers
  2. One XXXL yellow T-shirt
  3. One completed and glued to a piece cardboard jigsaw puzzle of a Parrot.
  4. One baby photo software suite
  5. One red leather Kindle cover
  6. One Moodolph Plush Christmas Cow

This one was awesomely “crappy,” but also it’s fairly useful. The shirt can be a rag. The software will come in handy in the future. The Kindle cover I’ll give away to someone that actually has a Kindle. The completed puzzle was great for a laugh, and the ugly bag will go into a pile of reusable bags for the grocery store.

Thanks Woot!