Twitter API 1.1 – You Will Conform!

By William Kristoph

The old saying goes, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.”

Twitter is taking that to heart with their new API. They’re doing everything they can to beat down 3rd Party Application Developers. I get it, Twitter wants the Twitter brand to be up front, not any of the array of 3rd Party Apps out in the wild. They want users to think of Twitter, not Tweetbot. Again, I understand it from a branding and control perspective.

Here’s my problem:

The Twitter app for the iPhone stinks compared to Tweetbot. I’m sorry, but it’s terrible. They’ve hidden settings, the feed is slow and they don’t seem to want to spend a lot of time adding new features or making user’s life easier. Does Twitter not understand why so many users turn to alternative apps? Honestly, I love Tweetbot, but I’m not loyal to it to a fault. If Twitter put out an as good or better app, I’d be happy to be all over it to avoid the rate limiting that 3rd party apps will suffer.

Maybe I’m the minority? Maybe I’m a power user and Twitter just cares about the masses or those people who actually use the website. Maybe I just feel like it’s wrong of a company to kick developers to the curb after they helped the service grow so fast into what it is today? Maybe it’s the fact that I don’t like how Twitter changed their birdsong after becoming successful, instead of being up front from the beginning?

For a better explanation of the API impact check out Translating and Talking Through Twitter’s New API Restrictions.

Hurricane Attitudes

By William Kristoph

Issac is no longer a threat to Tallahassee other than some rain and wind. Checking out Twitter over the last few days made me laugh though. There are many different attitudes toward an impending hurricane. I’ll break it down.

But I Wanted To Miss School – I remember this attitude distinctly. It ran through college, when I didn’t really care about where I was living. The major goal for the week was an extra off day.

Go Away – Homeowner love this one. While we don’t wish it on anyone else, we just hope it doesn’t hit our area. We’re the first ones to wipe out the water aisle at Walmart.

The Sky Is Falling – This one spilled over in to my Twitter timeline, but it originals on weather message boards. There is a particular subset of weather fan that always “sees” a different path than the forecast or some sort of major “intensification” that isn’t really happening. They’re rooting for chaos.

Clueless – These are the folks that are shocked and surprised when told that a storm might be on its way. Even if it’s the prime part of Hurricane Season, they’re amazed that a storm could be headed this way when it’s so nice outside.



Smart Quotes, Dumb Quotes, Tweetbot

By William Kristoph

Tweetbot Smart Quotes

In the latest Tweetbot update there’s some confusion as to what Smart Quotes and Dumb Quotes are in the App. It’s really very simple and can make your tweet look pretty and typographically correct. Hopefully these two examples help!

Tweetbot Dumb Quotes

Smart Quotes: