Smart Quotes, Dumb Quotes, Tweetbot

By William Kristoph

Tweetbot Smart Quotes

In the latest Tweetbot update there’s some confusion as to what Smart Quotes and Dumb Quotes are in the App. It’s really very simple and can make your tweet look pretty and typographically correct. Hopefully these two examples help!

Tweetbot Dumb Quotes

Smart Quotes:

Why I Love Tweetbot

Why do I love Tweetbot for the iPhone and iPad? It makes Twitter useful, speedy and entertaining. But before I get to that, let me explain my Twitter use.

Make no mistake, I love Twitter. I admit that I didn’t get it at first. I didn’t sign up right away and couldn’t figure out why anybody wanted to use the service. At the time I figured text messaging was good between friends and that a blog worked for public posts. Eventually, I found out that Twitter is very useful, especially as a supplement to sporting events.

For a while, I poked around with the mobile Twitter website on a “dumb” phone. It worked well enough at FSU Football games and FSU Baseball games. I could keep up with folks that I followed and generally get some good extra information about the game. Once I bought an iPhone though, I found the true power of Twitter notifications and being able to interact with tons of other fans (both FSU and rivals) thanks to the Twitter App.

Eventually, I followed more people and gained more followers. That’s when the Twitter App didn’t work well for me anymore. In search of an alternative, I polled my Twitter friends. The solution, they said, is Tweetbot. I coughed up the cost to Apple and Tapbots and found the app is a super useful gem.

Why Do I Love Tweetbot?

  • Custom Menu Buttons – I have multiple choices for the last two slots. I prefer a direct link to my profile and a link to my tweets that other users retweeted.
  • Multiple Accounts – Although I don’t currently use the feature, Tweetbot makes accessing and switching accounts very easy.
  • Lists – My Twitter lists are easy to navigate in Tweetbot, not hidden in some sub menu.
  • Streaming Timeline on WiFi – This is great on the iPhone or iPad when I’m at home watching a game on TV. No more flicking to refresh the timeline, just watch new tweets update automatically.
  • Constantly Updated – Lots of Kudos go to the Tapbots team. I don’t have another app that gets updated as often with new features and better interface choices. Tapbots keeps giving users a better and faster experience.