Logos, Burgers and Social Media Blackouts Ending

By William Kristoph


The anger I saw from the vocal minority over the new Seminole Head logo and the new uniforms was interesting. Personally, I don’t mind the new uniforms (football is a bit too Boston College for me) but that new logo is a disappointment. Why? Yet again FSU had a golden opportunity to make something awesome and potentially more accurate to the Seminoles and yet again FSU failed.

Either way the outrage was interesting to me mostly because there are plenty of people who think FSU (or any major corporation school) has much interest in the vocal minority. The average fan is going to buy merchandise. FSU and Nike will make money. And if it doesn’t sell after a couple of years, then they’ll change the logo again. By now, everyone should know that FSU does a lot of shoot first and ask questions later moves. They also play up guilt (you’re a bad fan if you don’t do this, this and this). How this was handled is nothing new. I hope it changes in the future. Maybe I’m getting old, but outrage about it isn’t worth my time.


No full review for BJ’s because I didn’t feel like taking pictures of the food, but it was the definition of “meh.” I rated it “I Like It” on Urbanspoon, only because I didn’t dislike it. It’s typical bar food, that’s pricier than most with an odd atmosphere of dark cozy bar / sports bar. It’s a really strange combo. The service was fantastic and it looks like they had a huge bar menu which appeals to a lot I’m sure.

Social Media Blackout Ends Sunday Night

On Sunday night / Monday morning, I’ll check in with Twitter for the first time since the start of Lent.

Here’s what I missed:

  • The occasional interesting question / discussion with a bunch of Twitter friends.
  • I realized that I get a lot of my first news tidbits from Twitter, so I haven’t stayed up to date on a lot during the blackout.
  • Television commentary / jokes while live watching with others.

Honestly, it’s been easy to give up. It was so easy, in fact, that I decided to give up some other stuff for Lent. The blackout might become a yearly thing. I’ve truly enjoyed unplugging.

Why FSU Needs To Pay Attention To Football Concussion Lawsuits

I previously posted a blog about youth football, the NFL concussion lawsuit and my own experience with baseball injuries. If you’re reading this and want some context for this post, check it out before proceeding.

Full disclosure:

  • I’m not a fan of the ACC, but that doesn’t mean I automatically love a move to the Big XII.
  • I’d rather beg, borrow or steal our way into the SEC, but I also realize that’s not happening.
  • Predicting the future is hard.
  • Currently, I have little confidence that any scenario works out well for FSU in the long run.

Twitter is full of Big XII talk among Seminole fans. It seems like most Noles are happy to bail out of the ACC at the earliest opportunity possible. We’ve all had it with goofy scheduling, terrible officiating and awful contract negotiations. I’m firmly with everyone else’s dislike of the ACC. As I tweeted once, the Noles are a beer school, the ACC feels more like a wine and cheese crowd. FSU had fun beating up on the other schools for a while, but once football equalized the big, bad, bully didn’t have anything in common with the rest of the kids. Now the money is better elsewhere and we’d rather not always play catch up to Florida or look at UCF and USF starting to grow in our review mirror.

What I haven’t heard discussed is this scenario; a football apocalypse. Sure, it sounds unlikely, but maybe it’s not so far-fetched? Football is the money driver for schools, for now. With the NFL Concussion Lawsuit growing bigger everyday, and the amount of youths participating in football declining slowly, FSU needs to be very careful about how and where it steps if it leaves the ACC. What happens if heavier regulation on football, a ban on under-12 leagues and the rise of soccer all contribute to football becoming the new boxing?

It wasn’t that long ago that boxing was huge in America. Corruption and the violence of the sport eventually led to its demise. It’s not illegal, but it’s not exactly popular. Even MMA, which is growing in popularity, suffers from the “Momma’s Don’t Let Their Kids Grow Up” to be fighters syndrome. Nobody wants their kid to grow up and fight in a cage. What happens to FSU if football suddenly falls out of favor? What happens if a generation of high tech kids aren’t allowed to play football? A move to the Big XII could horribly hurt FSU in that scenario. Hugely reduced revenue would squeeze FSU’s ability to travel. It could lead to cuts in all sports. College football, in general, would go through a painful period of contraction. The devastation could be far-reaching.

Is any of this likely? My gut says no. Football is violent, but many people choose to play it anyway. The outcome of the NFL lawsuit won’t change that. Soccer is growing in popularity, but will Americans ever truly latch on to it? Even if they do, I have a hard time seeing Doak Campbell Stadium full of 80,000 soccer fans any time in the near future (maybe in the distant future). Not many people saw TV revenue exploding. Not many saw the huge popularity or money-making potential of college sports 20 years ago. It’s not about what we know or know that we don’t know. It’s about what we don’t know that we don’t know.

Ultimately, FSU has very tough job ahead of it, no matter what decision it makes. Maybe the solution is to take the money and run right now? Maybe it’s more research? Maybe it’s something that nobody is talking about or thinking about right now? Let’s hope we get it right this time, for the long-term, so that our beloved Seminoles gain the stability FSU is so obviously craving.


What Are My Five Favorite Closer Entrance Songs?

Since I’ve had Benincasa’s Intro Music “Bring The Noise” stuck in my head all season (as have lots of other Seminoles fans), I thought I’d list out my Top 5 Favorite Closer Introductions:

Number 5 – New York Mets – John Franco – Chuck Berry “Johnny B Goode” (I had to have a Mets guy in here, why not Mets HOFer John Franco?

Number 4 – Padres / Brewers – Trever Hoffman – AC / DC “Hells Bells”

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Another Fantastic Tallahassee Baseball Regional Weekend

FSU Seminoles Baseball 2012 Regional Champions
The Noles give thanks for the 2012 Tallahassee Regional Championship

I’ve gone to NCAA Baseball Regionals in Tallahassee for years. I started attending them as a student and continue today. It’s just as exciting and fun as ever. This year we were lucky enough to not only watch the Seminoles dominate the weekend, but to have three other really great fan bases. Kudos to the Mississippi State, UAB and Samford fans. They couldn’t have been better. They are educated baseball fans, friendly, intense and they travel extremely well. It was a nice change of pace. Nothing against the usual suspects that usually make it to Tallahassee like Jacksonville or Bethune-Cookman, but this year things felt a little more friendly and a little more fun.

The Samford baseball team was an especially bright spot to watch. First off, they had sharp looking uniforms. While I’m not quite the same level of uniform freak as some of my friends, I am very happy when we get a sharp looking uniform on the field. UAB and Mississippi State get an honorable mention too, for not having anything outlandish or ugly. Samford’s play was the non-Noles highlight for me. They are a talented group that just ran out of steam against the Noles. The Bulldogs eliminated the SEC Champion Mississippi State, which is a nice consolation prize for the end of the season.

I am happy to see the little improvements that FSU makes for the fans. The Big Ass Fans were very helpful in keeping the upper grandstand comfortable. It was hot, especially on Sunday, but it was far better than in previous years. Also, while I did not buy a cold towel, I was pleased to see the vendors giving fans the option of buying a cold pack to cool down. Now if we could just get the M&M’s Ice Cream Sandwiches back…

And what can I say about FSU? Everyone freaked out about our bracket last week, but when I looked at the stats and not the conference championships, I realized that FSU had a great chance to make it through in three straight games. They did it behind good defense, great pitching and one huge grand slam by James Ramsey. Speaking of Ramsey, it seems like every season I think to myself I’d better pay attention to (insert Posey, McGee, etc) because we won’t have another great like this for a while. Ramsey is the latest player to make me feel that, but at the same time we’ve strung so many great players together that I’m ready to find out who our next great is and not worry about Ramsey heading off to MLB.

Oh and one more thing. By far, Robert Benincasa’s intro music as a closer is my favorite. It gets everyone at Dick Howser Stadium out of their seats and clapping. I don’t remember that happening in the past. Bring The Noise!

Where To Visit In Tallahassee: Dick Howser Stadium

I fell in love with baseball when I was a little kid. I grew up watching the Mets mainly and my first live game was at Shea Stadium in 1985. Seeing George Foster and John Christensen hit back to back home runs is burned into my memory still. When I arrived at FSU as a student, I saw a really awesome college baseball stadium in addition to the great palace that is Doak Campbell Stadium. Dick Howser Stadium was intimate and had some fantastic views of campus from the 1B side and a beautiful set of pine trees behind the “screen monster” in RF.

Post renovation we lost the pine trees but gained a better view of the FSU Flying High Circus, gained a great scoreboard, better seating and generally better food choices making Dick Howser Stadium a favorite place during a Tallahassee spring. Not only to the Noles win most of the time, but it’s a relaxed but exciting atmosphere between an older crowd and lots of students. It’s a really great mix of people. Oh and I did I mention, we have Big Ass Fans now? We’ll find out over the next two weekends how much they really help the temperature in the sauna that is the stadium.


  • Keith Cottrell harassing roommate (and now MLB Braves player) Matt Diaz in RF for inning after inning.
  • A particular Florida Gator RF that couldn’t take the constant heckling from fans and eventually was removed from the game.
  • Telling the hecklers that the Gator moved to LF for the next game and watching them run to the 3B side.
  • A friend of mine dropping his watch.
  • Seeing the “giant” new scoreboard and thinking it would be a long time before anybody hit a home run over it.
  • Watching it be cleared about two games into the season.
  • M&M’s ice cream sandwiches (come on Aramark make a deal and get them back, they’re the perfect food for Regionals).
Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, a Seminole fan or not, it’s worth a look. It’s especially worth a look on one of Tallahassee’s beautiful spring days and you’re looking for an excuse to be outside.
Go Noles!

Dick Howser Stadium at Seminoles.com