What Should Pensacola Eat? – Porchetta’s Is Local Awesomeness

By William Kristoph

I took a trip to Pensacola recently and made it a mission to find some local flavor. I’ve been to Pensacola a bunch, but I haven’t really ventured out past the typical chain restaurants. Porchetta’s is local, rated highly on Urbanspoon and the online sandwich menu made it sound absolutely awesome. First off, it’s a great sign when you look around and there are “regulars” in a restaurant, especially on a Saturday. I can definitely say that Porchetta’s fits that perfect idea of a great “dive” with great food. It’s a hole-in-the-wall and for a really tasty lunch for a fair price it’s a great option in Pensacola.

The Big Momma Porchetta Sandwich

Big Momma Sandwich at Porchetta's in Pensacola, FL
The Big Momma Porchetta Sandwich at Porchetta’s in Pensacola, FL

I can’t begin to explain a Porchetta. It’s pork and a bunch of spices and it’s just this wonderful peppery explosion of flavor. The description on Porchetta’s main pageexplains it, but you really have to taste it to understand. The Big Momma is the perfect size for lunch. If you need something bigger, there’s always the giant Big Daddy. The bun is chewy and tasty with some mayo and mustard. And then there’s the pork. The pork is so good. Slow cooked with lots of spiced, but not a lot of heat, it was something very unique that I can’t remember having before. I ate every last bite of it and was absolutely satisfied at the end of the meal. Continue reading What Should Pensacola Eat? – Porchetta’s Is Local Awesomeness

What Should Pensacola Eat? – Wayne’s Family Diner

By William Kristoph

Located just off I-10’s Exit 7 in Pensacola is the chrome and neon Wayne’s Family Diner. It’s an island of local food in a sea of chain restaurants and hotels. Wayne’s is always good for breakfast, but my wife and I decided to give it a shot for dinner. We weren’t disappointed.

The Philly Cheesesteak Dinner

Philly Cheesesteak Plate with Fried Okra and French Fries at Wayne's Family Diner
The Philly Cheesesteak Dinner Plate with Fried Okra, French Fries and Texas Toast at Wayne’s Family Diner.

Wayne’s does an interesting spin on a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich for dinner. They serve it without a roll, Texas Toast on the side and two side dishes. I went with Fried Okra and crinkle cut French Fries. The dish was very good diner food. The Okra was hot and lightly breaded. Neither the fries nor the okra were greasy which was an unexpected pleasure. The lack of bun for the Philly Cheesesteak was awesome and allowed me to make a combo of the fries and cheesesteak that was a salty and cheesy mess of goodness. The Texas Toast is standard, slathered in butter. To me, it’s not a necessary addition. Continue reading What Should Pensacola Eat? – Wayne’s Family Diner