Oh Hey There 2014

By William Kristoph

Fifteen days in to 2014 and it’s been quite a show so far.

  • I’m still getting over a cold that I came down with on New Year’s Eve.
  • The Seminoles won the final BCS National Championship game in thrilling fashion.
  • My son was sick for a week with the cold that I gave to him (boo Daddy!)
  • My wife somehow avoids getting sick, ever. It’s amazing. I think I’ve seen her with 1 cold in 7 years.
  • I gave my cold to my parents, who ALSO got over it before I did.
  • I tried to order a blue New York Mets jersey (road) and hilarity with MLB Customer Service continues after they messed up the sleeve.

So for now, posting is slow. It’s not the start to 2014 that I had hoped. However, some new recipes and posts are on their way soon. FSU Baseball season is a mere 30 days away and the Mets start March 31. Tallahassee spring has a way of rejuvenating me every year. I’m ready for it already!


Thursday Tech: An Incoming Search Made Me Laugh

“whats wrong with the mets”

That search term greeted me in my stats today. I laughed hilariously. Because I don’t know. Nobody does. The team went from good to terrible. Lucas Duda was sent to the minors and Jason Bay patrols left field because he’s paid a lot of money. It’s all comically bad all of a sudden. So fellow Mets fan that found my page thanks to that search term I salute you. We can watch the rest of the season knowing we’re not alone in our misery!

In other techie news, I read about the new Mac Mountain Lion release. It looks interesting. As a PC user I’m not familiar with Macs, but I do love the iOS experience. For simplicity’s sake, I might move to a Mac eventually. Yes, I finally just want technology to get out of my way for the mundane tasks.

One last thing, thanks to the Zite app, I got to check out this awesome inflatable water park on Red Ferret Journal. I can’t imagine how someone might modify that for a college football tailgate.