What Should Monticello Eat? – Tupelo’s Bakery And Cafe

Glazed Cinnamon Roll at Tupelo's Bakery and Cafe
The Glazed Cinnamon Roll at Tupelo’s Bakery & Cafe was a tasty and sweet breakfast.
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4.

Tupelo’s Bakery and Cafe Review

By William Kristoph

I took a spin over to Monticello, FL one recent morning to meet a few friends for a quick bite to eat at Tupelo’s Bakery & Cafe. Monticello is a really nifty little downtown area that is worth a visit if you like a quick country drive from the Tallahassee area. I went with a couple of recommendations from my friends to take back to Tallahassee with me and sat down to dig in to my breakfast, a Glazed Cinnamon Roll. How was everything? Awesome!

Glazed Cinnamon Roll – For a quick breakfast I went with the Glazed Cinnamon Roll and a cup of coffee. The cinnamon roll had the right balance of sweetness and the vanilla glaze was a nice touch. This is not an in your face cinnamon roll like you get at the mall. This is obviously a homemade sweet treat that hits the spot. I suggest pairing it with a cup of coffee, because the coffee at Tupelo’s was great. It was so good I actually drank it BLACK. Me. Can you believe that?

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