What Should Tallahassee Eat? – El Jalisco

By William Kristoph

El Jalisco (Apalachee Parkway Location – Tallahassee, FL) Review

El Jalisco Menu - Tallahassee
Cover of the El Jalisco Menu (Tallahassee, FL).

I don’t often venture to a new Mexican restaurant since I already have my favorite. However, I’m not against trying something new and when a friend called and suggested that we meet up at El Jalisco I figured it was a good opportunity to try something new. The company was great, the service was attentive and although I didn’t really care for my dinner, I’d try El Jalisco again in the future. In fact, out of four of us, I was the only negative as far as I could tell, since everyone else seemed to enjoy their meal.

Chicken Fajitas

Generally, when I head to a Mexican restaurant I’m going for the fajitas. I can make tacos at home and be satisfied. The same goes for a burrito. For some reason, fajitas are one of those dishes that I’m just not happy with when I make it. So the obvious dinner choice for me at El Jalisco was Chicken Fajitas. Overall, it wasn’t the best. The chicken was overcooked and the seasoning lacked. It also had yellow squash in the mix, which I’ve seen before, but I’m not a fan of in my fajitas. I wouldn’t order them again, I’d go for one of the dishes that my friends ate, whether it is the Taco Dinner or a Chili Burrito.
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What Should Tallahassee Eat? – La Fiesta Is A Favorite

Chicken Fajitas From La Fiesta in Tallahassee, FL
The Chicken Fajitas from La Fiesta are awesome every single time! Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4.

La Fiesta Mexican Restaurant is a staple of Tallahassee and it’s my favorite Mexican Restaurant in the city. Oddly enough, Tallahassee has tons of Mexican restaurants and a lot of them are very good, but I find myself craving La Fiesta. If it’s not the Chicken or Beef Nachos, it’s the Chicken Fajitas. If it’s not the Fajitas it’s the Tacos. If none of that appeals to you, check out the full La Fiesta Menu. Everything is very good, the staff is always friendly and the waiters are quick and accurate. The restaurant is clean and offers indoor and outdoor seating.

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