Why I Finally Bailed On Gmail

By William Kristoph

Over a year ago I wrote about how Apple Could Steal Me Away From Gmail, if they made a few changes. Fifteen months later, I’m making the switch, even without Apple making the four changes I talked about in that article. Why? Because I can’t deal with Gmail anymore. Let me be very clear, I am not a power email user. That fact opens up pretty much any email out there.

Why did I switch from Gmail to iCloud?

  1. I simplified. Maybe Apple is leaking into my brain too much, but I simplified how I saved email. With Gmail, the archive button is the easy thing to do, so I end up with lots of emails that are saved, when they really should be deleted.
  2. The web interface is cleaner thanks to the iOS 7-like overhaul.
  3. I still like tags better than folders, but there is one bright side to folders on iCloud. It made me think about categories and what I need. I reduced 30+ tags down to 5 folders.
  4. I stopped using Priority Email on Gmail. Why? Because it was so awful at picking the emails that were priorities. It never learned the difference between a spammy coupon from the same place a receipt comes from. It was all priority or all nothing.
  5. Google’s practices. For a long time I was happy to look the other way when it comes to Google sifting through information. Now? It’s getting creepy when it’s combined with AdSense. Apple might mine my data too, but they seem less creepy about it. If if they’re not, Google seems to be the gold standard of intrusive to me, Apple can’t do worse.

My biggest complaint about switching email providers is all of the changes I have to make at various sites and how some of them, in 2013, continue to make changing an email address a difficult task. It should not be so hard to change an email address on a mailing list!

Tuesday Links – Food, Fun and Technology

I have a bunch of interesting blog links to share today!

Tallahassee Food Blogs

  • Sweet Tea & Bourbon was pretty kind about a poor review of The Lunchbox. One check of the comments and you’ll see there are some avid defenders of it in Tallahassee. Me? I’ll skip it.
  • Another new Tallahassee food blog joined the race to #2 on Urbanspoon behind Sweet Tea & Bourbon. Welcome to the most definitely originally named – Ermahgerd, Mershed Perterders! 
  • Also, What’s Cooking Tallahassee? has a new review up for Barnaby’s. Personally, I’m not a fan and never have been, but I know it has a huge following. Let the NY Style vs Chicago Style pizza debate carry on.

Fun And More Food

  • I’ve had way too much fun going out to eat lately. Check out the latest and greatest K-Time reviews on Village Pizza & Pasta, The Cake Shop and Uptown Cafe.
  • Big, big, huge applause for Publix Deli. They made a tray of deli meats and a tray of veggies that were absolutely awesome.
  • FSU Football starts soon. If you’re not reading Tomahawk Nation, start reading it now.
  • While your watching the Noles, these Chocolate Monkey Peanut Butter Bites might be good.
  • Also, does anyone else remember the Olympic failure that was Dan vs Dave years ago? Mental Floss has an article about Dan vs. Dave.


How to Fix Your iPhone Birthday Calendar Name Order

I ran into an oddball issue with my wife’s iPhone 4 Birthday Calendar. The birthdays were still showing “Last Name First Name’s Birthday” (Smith Joe’s 38th Birthday) on a date in the calendar app instead of the display order that was newly set for the contacts app “First Name, Last Name.” I tried toggling on / off the iCloud calendar, the birthday calendar, sort orders and display orders. Nothing seemed to work, until I finally tried one last sequence!

If you are having problems with your iPhone birthday calendar’s display order, try this fix:

  1. Close all of your apps (double-click the home screen and kill everything). It’s probably not a necessary step, but I like to work with a “clean” phone.
  2. Open a contact with a birthday.
  3. Change the birthday (I changed the year) and save the contact.
  4. Check the calendar, your birthday calendar events now display in the proper order.
  5. Change the birthday (I changed the year back to the proper one) you edited to the proper birthday and save the contact again.
  6. Everything should still display properly on the birthday calendar!

I’m sure this is a rare issue, but I hope it helps anyone that runs into the problem! You can also find the discussion, where I posted this answer originally, on the Apple Support Communities Forum.