Blue Bell Review – Peppermint Bark

Blue Bell Peppermint Bark Ice Cream Review

By William Kristoph

It’s that wonderful time of year again when Blue Bell bring out their holiday flavors. My personal all-time super-duper favorite, Christmas Cookies arrives as one of them. For 2014 Blue Bell introduces a new flavor, Peppermint Bark, to go with Christmas Cookies, Peppermint and Divinity Fudge. Is it worth your time?

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Blue Bell Review – Magic Cookie Bar

Magic Cookie Bar Review

By William Kristoph

Blue Bell’s newest flavor for National Flavor Month is Magic Cookie Bar. I have not been lucky enough to eat an actual Magic Cookie Bar that I can recall, but Magic Cookie Bar Ice Cream makes me want to whip up a batch in the near future. Magic Cookie Bar lives up to the hype. It’s smooth and sweet, with plenty of bits of graham cracker, dark chocolate and pecans. The caramel flavor and condensed milk shine through.

Check it out:

Blue Bell Magic Cookie Bar Ice Cream

Blue Bell Review – Banana Pudding

By William Kristoph


A while back, I remember someone on Twitter telling me that I should try Banana Pudding Blue Bell Ice Cream. I said I would eventually try it, but that Banana Pudding isn’t high on my list of flavors to try. I like banana pudding, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not a dessert that I seek out. So, the day finally arrived a few weeks ago where not much in the freezer at Publix appealed to me, and I decided that it was time to try Blue Bell Banana Pudding ice cream.
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Blue Bell Review – Red, White and Blue Bell


Was Red, White & Blue Bell the bomb or a bomb?

By William Kristoph

I saw a half-gallon of Red, White & Blue Bell at Publix last week and decided to give it a try. The carton and the Blue Bell website description had me thinking of the 4th of July and a childhood full of running down the ice cream truck looking for a Bomb Pop.  I fully expected Red, White & Blue Bell to surpass the Bomb Pop’s patriotic colors that make me think of fireworks, our founding fathers, Wiffleball games that last into the night, water fights, American flags and anything else that screams “America! F-Yeah!”
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Blue Bell Review – Fudge Divinity Is Awesome

Blue Bell Fudge Divinity Is Here For The Holidays

By William Kristoph


Believe it or not, prior to Blue Bell releasing Fudge Divinity for the Holidays, I had never had a taste of Divinity Fudge. Thanks to Blue Bell, I’m going to check out Emeril’s recipe for Divinity Fudge and try the “real” thing soon. Why? Blue Bell Fudge Divinity is a fantastic holiday flavor that blends marshmallow ice cream mixed with chopped pecans and a swirl of milk chocolate sauce.

Simply put it’s awesome, not too heavy and has a great smooth and creamy texture. Should you try it? Definitely? Blue Bell Fudge Divinity is a rare find. This is the first time since 2000 that it’s been available in stores! Grab it while you can and indulge in a great holiday flavor.