Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 High Chair in Bermuda Review

By William Kristoph

Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 High Chair – Bermuda

Review Time! One of the things we decided to get was a 3-in-1 High Chair for TDub. Like most things, we were incredibly blessed to receive it as a gift. The chair was easy to assemble and can grow with him from an infant high chair, to a regular high chair and finally into a booster seat. I cannot properly review the high chair or booster part, but I can review the infant high chair part.

In short, it’s great. TDub is a long baby. I mean long, and he’s not a lightweight either. It became hard to hold him properly at every feeding, even for me. So my wife and I decided to recline the DuoDiner to the infant position and test it out. I was afraid that he wouldn’t like it and might not want to eat. Amazingly, we strapped him in and he just chilled out until the bottle was ready. Not only did he look comfortable, but so were we since we balanced our elbows on the tray for support.

Overall, the Graco DuoDiner 3-in-1 is made of durable plastic and materials that just wipe down. It’s useful from an early age and should last him quite a while. I’d recommend this chair to anyone looking for a stand-alone high chair that converts into a booster seat later on.