My Son’s Technology

By William Kristoph

I scan news about Apple products nearly every day. Usually, it so that I can pounce on a free app or find out about what new iPhone or iPad is arriving in the near future. Lately the stories focus on iOS 7 and the overhaul that Apple is doing to their mobile operating system. Most of the talk is similar, and quite frankly, pretty boring. The iOS 7 news is usually a diatribe about new icons and new fonts, with the occasional new functionality news item thrown in. Then I read Rene Ritchie’s article Forget Icons and Typefaces, iOS 7 is the Birth of Dynamic Interfaces.

Yes, I realize that Rene is the biggest fan boy of Apple products and that he’s absolutely gushing over iOS 7 in that post. Also, it’s probably a stretch that Apple is the first to bring this concept in an operating system to the market. That’s perfectly fine, because even with that in consideration, Rene is right. What is going on in the background of iOS 7 to make all of these nifty new layers, transparencies, smash ups and interactions is pretty amazing. The comments section of that article provides a very good analogy that this like the difference between rendering in 3D and faking a 3D look with 2D graphics. The difference is huge. It’s the difference between modern games and the stuff I used to play on a Sega Master System.

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A Conversation About College Football With My Future Grandchildren

June 27, 2057

Grandkids: “Tell us a story Grandpa!”

Me: “Okay, I’ll tell you about the time I watched Peter Warrick make a circus catch in the Sugar Bowl when Florida State won the national championship for the 1999 season.”

Grandkids: “Why did they play in sugar?”

Me: “Well no, that’s not what I mean. It was a normal football field. The game was called the Sugar Bowl.”

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