Unexpected Black Friday Shopping

By William Kristoph

Last Friday, I unboxed an artificial Christmas tree that we bought at the beginning of November. It replaced one that my wife had for years, a 6′ Kmart tree that was wonderful, but finally started dropping too many plastic needles to deal with. Or so I thought…

The new 9′ foot slim tree was a disaster from my first unwrapping of a section. It was painfully heavy, shoddily wrapped in the box and dropped a ton of plastic needles as I moved it 20 feet to start assembly. Then the real problems started. The wiring was the old style pre-lit, with exposed plugs on every section. That bothered me, but the even bigger problem was that the four sections did not fit together. The base seemed okay, but the next section up wouldn’t seat properly and the section up from that was only slightly better. Only the top part of the tree fit anything properly.

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Christmas Thanks

By William Kristoph

Today’s the second day of Christmas, so in keeping with the Christmas spirit I thought I’d write about what I’m thankful for today after a wonderful Christmas Day yesterday.

  • My awesome wife
  • My wonderful, if just a bit cranky (yesterday) son
  • My Mom’s stuffing
  • My new bread machine (thanks to my MIL!)
  • Generosity of family and friends toward our son
  • The Yule Log on Comcast
  • A quick FaceTime chat with my nephew
  • My Dad for watching our son early in the morning so we could make it to Mass

There’s a billion other things I’m thankful for today, but that highlights a few great ones. I hope you and your family had a great one too.