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What Should Tallahassee Eat? – Hardee’s

Hardee’s Review (Tallahassee, FL)

By William Kristoph

Are you shocked that I mention a Tallahassee area Hardee’s? They’re as rare as a unicorn, but worth the search. My family headed up to Hardee’s way out on U.S. 27 for some breakfast treats a few weeks ago. As usual, the trip is worth it. Hardee’s staff is super friendly and fast. The restaurant is very clean, despite having a lot of customers coming through. The food is the hot and surprisingly fresh. Too bad it’s not 0 calories and healthy, right?

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What Should Tallahassee Eat? – Bruegger’s Bagels

By William Kristoph

Sorry guys, I forgot to take a picture before I gobbled up the bagels with friends. You’ll have to take my word for it on this particular review.

Bruegger’s Bagels (3211 Mahan Dr – Tallahassee, FL) Review

On Sunday, my wife and I had some friends stop by from Texas that were on their way to Tampa. I headed over to the newest Bruegger’s Bagels location on Mahan Drive for a baker’s dozen and a couple of tubs of cream cheese. After a quick stop at Publix, I walked in to Bruegger’s Bagels.

The store is bathed in light and bright colors. The dining area is up front and the layout flows from left to right. I don’t like how the counter and menu signs are hidden by the decorations and faux wall that separates the dining area from the counter, but the overall feel was bright and clean. A young woman behind the counter took my order for baker’s dozen and quickly placed my choices (Plain, Everything, Cinnamon Sugar and Asiago) into a paper bag and handed it to me. I asked her about the cream cheese with the combo and she pointed me to the refrigerated cases where I could grab them. I paid and headed home.
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What Should Tallahassee Eat? – Uptown Cafe

By William Kristoph

Uptown Cafe & Catering Review – Tallahassee, FL

On a recent Saturday my wife and I made our way over to Uptown Cafe on the corner of Miccosukee Rd and Magnolia Dr. Uptown Cafe is one of those places that I’ve driven by hundreds of times over the years, but never stopped in. I decided to change that and cross another restaurant off of my Urbanspoon wishlist. My wife and I both enjoyed our breakfast a bunch, and my gut feeling is that Uptown Cafe might be the best bang for the buck at breakfast in Tallahassee. The amount of food we ate for under $20 was a pleasant surprise based on my experiences with other restaurants in town.

Veggie Omelette

Veggie Omelette from Uptown Cafe

A loaded up Veggie Omelette from Uptown Cafe in Tallahassee, FL.
Photo by William Kristoph – iPhone4 and iPhoto

I wanted a lighter main dish for breakfast, since I wanted to sample a bit of this and that in addition to my meal. The Veggie Omelette was an excellent choice. First off, it’s much larger than I expected. Veggies and cheese packed the omelette. The eggs were perfectly done. I ate every last bite. Paired with some decaf coffee, it gave me a very happy stomach, but left enough room for me to sample some other things. Continue reading

What Should Tallahassee Eat? – I’m Happy That I Revisited The Egg Cafe and Eatery

A menu from The Egg Cafe and Eatery in Tallahassee, FL

The Egg Cafe and Eatery Menu – Tallahassee, FL. Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4.

It’s been quite a while since I visited The Egg Cafe & Eatery. In fact, the last time I was there it was still part of the Another Broken Egg franchise. That particular visit was disappointing, but I’m going to blame it on the transition out of the franchise. A recent visit with my wife, and thanks to my parents’ suggestion that I should try it again, was well worth the trip! The Egg Cafe & Eatery is back to being a great breakfast in Tallahassee!

We arrived early, and  we were one of the first customers of the day. I checked out the menu, which had many of the old favorites. My wife and I decided to start with some beignets before we chowed down on some egg skillets. We split the order into half traditional and half cinnamon. The beignets? Well, just take a look at them!

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