South Shore Savannah Changing Table in Espresso Review

My wife and I weren’t thrilled with the standard changing table options. We’re about useful pieces of furniture and an open bottomed changing table didn’t fit our requirements. I searched around online and found the Savannah Changing Table in Espresso by South Shore. It looked like a good value for the price, and I don’t mind assembling furniture so we decided to give it a try. I’m very happy we did.

My Advice For Particle Board Type Furniture:

  • Lay everything out ahead of time, like pieces with like pieces. It takes extra time up front, but you save time as you put the piece together.
  • Don’t move particle board based furniture around a lot, and when you need to move it use carpet sliders. Moving inexpensive furniture has always caused me more problems than the furniture is worth.
  • Read and re-read the instructions. They’re usually clear if you pay attention.
  • Take your time!
South Shore Savannah Changing Table Espresso Assembly
Lay everything out before you start assembly!

Overall, the Savannah Changing Table looks great. The instructions are clear. All parts are packaged well (Amazon shipped it in its original packaging which is well protected) and required only a hammer and a screwdriver for assembly. I expected to take over three hours to assemble the Savannah Changing Table, but I knocked it out in an easier-than-expected 2:15. That time includes my mix up of how to face the rear part of one of the drawers. The back “cardboard” pieces fit the unit well. Be careful with the finishing nails used on the back of the unit or you can miss your intended target and crack the interior finish.

South Shore Savannah Changing Table Parts Espresso
The parts were well packaged

My biggest dislike with the South Shore Savannah Changing Table is the bottom finishing piece and how it attached to the sides. It uses a plastic connector that hammers in. I had a difficult time trying to get the trim piece flush with the sides. Ultimately, I’d rather have some sort of bracket that uses screws for attaching the piece. It’s a minor issue for the value. Overall, I’m happy with our new changing table.

Fully assembled it looks great and the finish matches our Graco Lauren Crib (also in Espresso)!

Check it out:

South Shore Savannah Changing Table in Espresso Finished Product
The finished product!

Graco Lauren In Espresso Finish Crib Review

Graco Lauren Crib Espresso
Graco Lauren Crib (Espresso) – Ignore the sliders under the legs.

After doing a good amount of research, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Graco Lauren Crib in Espresso from Walmart online. Overall, it rated pretty well and looked like it was a good value for the price. There were the standard set of 1 star reviews, which could scare anybody off, but I have a feeling that those reviews either aren’t legitimate or were really about a bad shipping experience.

This is the second time I’ve used Walmart’s Site-To-Store option. For big, bulky items it’s awesome. Shipping to the store is free, so if you have a vehicle large enough to pick the item up with you can save yourself a good chunk of cash. From arrival to exit I was at the store for 20 mins max. The package had the typical dings that happen in shipping, but in general, the crib container was in great shape.

I’ve heard horror stories from friends and family about crib assembly. “Have fun cussing for a couple of hours.” Online there are a couple of reviews talking about missing, parts, manuals and broken pieces. One review even claimed that three hours later the crib still wasn’t together. My personal experience was excellent, not frustrating. Each part was in good shape, all of the screws and connectors were neatly packaged, and everything was ready to assemble. I removed everything from the box, laid it out on the floor and prepared to assemble the crib.

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