WWE Live from Tallahassee Recap

bray_wyatt_tallahassee_2015_400WWE Live in Tallahassee Review – Small Crowds Can Still Be Enthusiastic

By William Kristoph

It’s been nearly 17 years since I attended a WWE event. My last one was the sole taping of SmackDown! in Tallahassee, way back in 1998 when I was still a student at Florida State University. You can find that episode on WWE Network (it’s only $9.99) if you want to see a youthful Big Show and a pre-real-marriage Triple H and Stephanie McMahon running the business. A lot has changed since 1998 and I’m happy to report that WWE Live in Tallahassee was a fun-filled event.

Outside of the matches, I was disappointed in the merchandise offerings and the Tucker Center really needs to move it so that it doesn’t clog up the main entrance. The use of social media by WWE is really fun. I had no less than 5 tweets displayed on the big screens during intermission thanks to using the hashtag #WWELiveTallahassee on Twitter. The crowd was probably between 3000-4000 and half of it was kids.


Intercontinental Championship – Ryback (c) vs The Big Show

It was great to see the belt in person and to see The Big Show 17 years after I last saw him. Show is slower and less mobile, but no less a spectacle. Ryback was super over with the crowd. There was a good back and forth for the entire match. Ryback couldn’t get The Big Show up for the first attempt at the Shellshock (it almost looked like his back or knee wasn’t cooperating), but the 2nd try he hit it for the win and big pop from the Tallahassee Crowd. I was very happy to see The Big Show get a good round of applause on his way out too, since he might be off to retirement in the near future.

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Corrupt PDFs in ASP on Windows 2012

Classic ASP Large PDF Creation with PDFLIb on Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8

By Bill Kristoph

Recently, I ran in to a weird issue with the creation of large PDFs via PDFLib in Classic ASP on Windows 2012. When creating a PDF under 4MB with PDFLib version 9, everything went smoothly. Once we hit a dynamically created PDF over 4MB and tried to stream it to the browser we’d end up with a corrupt PDF message and no data. After spinning my wheels for a bit and talking with some awesome support guys at PDFLib to determine PDFLib was behaving properly, we worked through possible server configuration issues.

Knowing the limit was 4MB, we poked through the Classic ASP server-wide settings and found the Response Buffering Limit under Limits Properties.

ASP Response Buffering Limit

A quick change of this setting to a higher vault than 4MB fixed our PDF creation issue!

Blue Bell Review – Milk and Cookies Is Tasty

By William Kristoph

Blue Bell Milk And Cookies Ice Cream in a mug

If you’re a fan of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream like I am, but I suspect that you will really love Blue Bell’s newest flavor, Milk And Cookies. Milk and Cookies is similar, but way better then, any chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

Why is Milk And Cookies ice cream superior to chocolate chip cookie dough?

The full richness of the chocolate chip cookie shines through while remaining soft. It makes for a great texture. The fully baked cookies are soft and well blended into the ice cream. Also, the semi sweet chocolate chips that Blue Bell used in this ice cream are superior to most other ice creams that I’ve had.

If you like chocolate chip cookies with a glass of milk, or you really like cookie dough ice cream then you’ll definitely want to try Blue Bell’s newest flavor.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I just wanted to drop a quick note wishing everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’ll be back to posting reviews and thoughts after the first of the year. Until then, here are a few random thoughts:

  • How about those Seminoles? Women’s Soccer won their first national championship. Football went 13-0 and they’re in the first ever college football playoff. Volleyball is full steam ahead. Let’s hope baseball and softball can keep that going in the spring.
  • The new Mets alt road cap is fantastic. Merry Christmas to me.
  • We desperately need to get away from, “me, me, me” and to “we, we, we” in society.
  • I’m absolutely terrible at fantasy football. Baseball season can’t come quickly enough.
  • Let’s go Islanders!

See you in 2015!

Blue Bell Review – Peppermint Bark

Blue Bell Peppermint Bark Ice Cream Review

By William Kristoph

It’s that wonderful time of year again when Blue Bell bring out their holiday flavors. My personal all-time super-duper favorite, Christmas Cookies arrives as one of them. For 2014 Blue Bell introduces a new flavor, Peppermint Bark, to go with Christmas Cookies, Peppermint and Divinity Fudge. Is it worth your time?

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