Commenting Guidelines

The following types of comments may be deleted:

1. Use of offensive racial / gender / sexual preference / religion-bashing terms or other hurtful speech. If you use a word with racial overtones in your post name, that counts. Even if you find it a source of pride, the Web doesn’t know what nationality you are. All it sees is racial slurs on K-Time.

2. Excessive use of cuss words, and cussing in titles of comments / messages.

3. Spam and links to spam. If you want to advertise, contact me directly.

4. “First Posts,” “nth post,” and discussion of them with no meaningful commentary. I don’t mind if you want to be first and list “first post” as your subject, just add some meaningful commentary besides a one-liner that is obviously there to satisfy this requirement.

5. Links to inappropriate or unrelated content such as porn, distasteful pictures, etc. Many people read K-Time from workplaces. Linking to this type of content changes K-Time to a site that could get users in trouble with their bosses.

6. Posting of any personal information, names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails, etc. If you want to include your e-mail in a post, that’s fine. Just don’t type someone else’s information and then make comments about that person.

7. Nonsensical posts that have nothing to do with the topic, repetitive diatribes posted to multiple items, off-topic posts that hinder discussion, and responses to those posts. I ask readers to ignore such posts. It’s hard to keep the comments clear of them if several people respond to them and responses mix with actual commentary.

8. Personal attacks on other posters or K-Time writers. Comment on ideas, not people. writers are people with feelings, as are other commenters. There is no need to abuse them.

9. Comments on grammar and spelling and any related discussion. Spelling and grammar mistakes are inevitable from time to time due to the volume of material produced daily. We’d appreciate an e-mail directly to us.

10. Product activation codes for software, requests for such, or other warez-related posts or links

11. Useless flame bait: “XYZ Sucks – flame away!” In other words: useless, blatantly inflammatory messages not to be confused with useful flame bait, where someone has an opinion that greatly differs from the norm and wishes to express it in a meaningful way.

12. Impersonations of other users’ post names and related discussion about how the post is not from that user.

13. Double postings and “Sorry for the double post” messages. We will delete the double and the “sorry.” If it happens to you, don’t worry about it.

14. Nation-bashing and associated comments directed at the people of a nation and not the policies.

15. Posts announcing other unrelated news. Please submit breaking news directly to K-Time instead of killing a discussion.

16. Incomprehensible posts or posts in ALL CAPS. All caps posts are the equivalent of shouting.

17. Comments about post deletion. The proper forum for this discussion is an e-mail to staff.