Corrupt PDFs in ASP on Windows 2012

Classic ASP Large PDF Creation with PDFLIb on Windows Server 2012 and IIS 8

By Bill Kristoph

Recently, I ran in to a weird issue with the creation of large PDFs via PDFLib in Classic ASP on Windows 2012. When creating a PDF under 4MB with PDFLib version 9, everything went smoothly. Once we hit a dynamically created PDF over 4MB and tried to stream it to the browser we’d end up with a corrupt PDF message and no data. After spinning my wheels for a bit and talking with some awesome support guys at PDFLib to determine PDFLib was behaving properly, we worked through possible server configuration issues.

Knowing the limit was 4MB, we poked through the Classic ASP server-wide settings and found the Response Buffering Limit under Limits Properties.

ASP Response Buffering Limit

A quick change of this setting to a higher vault than 4MB fixed our PDF creation issue!

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