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Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Review (Tallahassee, FL)

By William Kristoph

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen is new to the Governor’s Square Mall food court. When Sbarro shut down a few months ago, Villa stepped in quickly to take the space and try to satisfy our pizza cravings. Did they succeed? For mall pizza, Villa is great. For regular pizza, dare I say, it’s well above average.

Pepperoni Pizza

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Pepperoni Pizza

The star of the show, the pepperoni pizza was above average in Tallahassee. Unexpected, the crust was thin, with a crispy bottom and chewy. It was not overly salty, nor did the pepperoni let out too much grease. My slice was balanced well with plenty of cheese, pepperoni and sauce. The Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen pizza sauce is solid. It doesn’t lean sweet or bitter, it’s a very nice middle of the ground that works well.

Mac N Cheese

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen Mac N Cheese

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen has meal combos that consist of a slice of whatever a side and a drink. I decided to try the Mac N Cheese, since I wasn’t in the mood for a side salad or baked ziti. I was shocked to find the Mac N Cheese from Villa stealing the show from the pizza. Why is Villa’s Mac N Cheese so good? Let me count the ways:

  1. The pasta was al dente! Al dente! At the mall?! There is nothing worse than mushy pasta and Villa successfully avoids mush.
  2. The cheese was plentiful, gooey and well mixed.
  3. The Mac N Cheese was plenty hot and tasted fresh.
  4. Long Macaroni Pasta. Villa’s own twist on the Mac N Cheese pasta leaves the elbows at home, and gives us a longer macaroni. It feels like an adult bite, not a child’s bite.

I’m still surprised by how much I enjoyed a quick lunch at Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen at the Governor’s Square Mall. The pizza was reheated well. The Mac N Cheese was hot, gooey and delicious. The staff was friendly, and the process quick. I rated Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen as “I like it” on Urbanspoon. Check it out the next time you’re at the mall and craving a slice of pizza.

Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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