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Frozen Grasshopper at The Melting Pot
Guess who drank the Frozen Grasshopper and who had the Scotch?


The Melting Pot (Tallahassee, FL) Review

By William Kristoph

Last Sunday my wife and I headed out to a romantic evening at The Melting Pot for some fondue and relaxation. We’ve been huge fans of it for a long time, but we haven’t been able to make it there in a while. It was just as good as I remembered, and The Melting Pot even managed to improve in some areas.

As usual, we were greeted with a smile and lead to a cozy corner table for the two of us. Our waiter came to greet us and bring us a couple of drinks while going over the menu. He was awesome and knowledgeable throughout the meal. I haven’t been to The Melting Pot since they changed the menu a bit, and at first glance I was sad to see that the “Big Night Out” was gone. However, The Melting Pot experience actually improved because the menu is more flexible than the last time I dined.

On this occasion my wife and decided on two different entrées (same cooking style) and were able to mix and match between the dinners to our personal tastes. I traded some filet to her for her pot stickers. She shared some duck with me too. What can I say? I’m a lucky guy. All four courses (cheese, salad, entrée and dessert) were well-paced, fresh and tasty. Our waiter suggested drinks for us to try with our dessert course and those were fantastic too.

The Melting Pot - Dessert
Dessert dippers at The Melting Pot in Tallahassee, FL


To sum it up:

  • Cheese Course – The Alpine Cheese Fondue was excellent and had nuttiness to it. The dippers were fresh and plentiful.
  • Salad Course – I had the California (sweet and light) and my wife had a Spinach and Mushroom (she loves it).
  • Entrée – We had a bit of everything, from chicken to filet to lobster tail and pot stickers. Everything was fresh and tasted great.
  • Dessert – We opted for classic dark chocolate. The dippers were great and plentiful (we usually end up getting some extra pound cake to finish off the chocolate) and the drinks were very good too. My Frozen Grasshopper was a mint ice cream delight.
Scotch at The Melting Pot in Tallahassee, FL

Yet again, The Melting Pot delivered a cozy, romantic dinner for two. It’s why The Melting Pot is rated a “Favorite” on Urbanspoon by me. If you’re looking for a slow-paced meal, in cozy quarters for a date, you’ll be very pleased at The Melting Pot.

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