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Smallcakes – A Cupcakery Review

By William Kristoph

Yesterday, I made a quick stop at Smallcakes while I was out running some errands around Tallahassee. It caught my eye a couple of weeks ago when I tried Mikey’s Grill in the same shopping center. So yesterday I thought I would stop in so my wife and I could sample some of what Smallcakes offers. Could Smallcakes (a chain) dethrone any of my local favorites?

Smallcakes Cupcakes
Smallcakes Cupcakes were fantastic! Clockwise Top Left (Chocolate, Fat Elvis, Peanut Butter Cup, Caramel Crunch)
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone

Smallcakes is PINK. I mean really, shield-your-eyes, pink. It’s not the manliest of cupcake shops, but I wouldn’t let that stop me. Staff was friendly and quick to help me. Smallcakes has all of their cupcake options front and center at the counter, and at eye level. It’s a great setup and everything looked appetizing. I ordered a Fat Elvis, Peanut Butter Cup, Caramel Crunch and Chocolate Iced. The staff recommended the Caramel Crunch to me. The rest I picked on my own.

The “testing” waiting until after dinner last night. Smallcakes cupcakes held up well in the box for 6 hours. We sampled the Fat Elvis (Peanut butter icing with chocolate drizzle and a hint of banana in the cupcake I think) first and it was great. The cake was moist and light. The icing was plentiful. It’s easy to make the icing last through each bite of the cupcake.

Next up was the Caramel Crunch. The caramel chocolate icing on this is INSANELY good. It’s thick and caramel and just wonderful. The chocolate cake was light and moist here too. My only complaint is that the two pretzel stick pieces on top were kind of pointless and soggy / stale. The cupcake would be better off just being Chocolate Caramel instead of Caramel Crunch.

Finally, I tried the Peanut Butter Cup. Again, the chocolate cake was great. The peanut butter icing was smooth and full of flavor and the mini peanut butter cup was a nice touch. It’s a fantastic overall cupcake.

I’m always leery of declaring a chain “the best” of anything in town, but Smallcakes really “takes the cake” here. The three cupcakes I sample were perfect. They’re a bit pricey at $3.25, but they’re large and perfectly done. They are definitely worth the splurge.

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