Blue Bell Rocky Mountain Road Review

By William Kristoph

Blue Bell Rocky Mountain Road Ice Cream
Blue Bell Ice Cream – Rocky Mountain Road
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4

In my never-ending quest to check out Blue Bell’s flavors, I spied a half-gallon of Blue Bell’s Rocky Mountain Road Ice Cream not too long ago and decided it was worth a try. I’m not a huge fan of regular rocky road ice cream, but Blue Bell’s premium version containing, “A rich, dark chocolate ice cream combined with dark chocolate-coated peanuts, milk chocolate-coated pecans, white chocolate-coated almonds, and roasted walnuts, all surrounded by a flavorful marshmallow sauce swirl” sounded too good to pass up.

Before I opened the half-gallon, I feared that Rocky Mountain Road would suffer from problems similar to Rockslide Brownie’s. After I dug my ice cream shovel (yes shovel, not scoop) into Rocky Mountain Road, I was pleasant surprised. The ingredients looked like they were in good balance, and the dark chocolate ice cream dominated the container. Marshmallow sauce was a complimentary ingredient, not a dominant one.

Overall, I really enjoy Rocky Mountain Road. Blue Bell’s dark chocolate ice cream is always fantastic. It’s smooth and not overly sweet. Various nuts spread throughout the mix and add a nice crunch without being overbearing. The marshmallow swirl is soft and creamy and provides a palate cleanser. This is rocky road ice cream at the next level and it’s fantastic. Have no marshmallow fear, Rocky Mountain Road is definitely worth a taste.

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