Publix Ice Cream Review – Lemon Sugar Cookie

Publix Ice Cream – Lemon Sugar Cookie Review

By William Kristoph

Normally I am not a fan of fruity ice creams. Nor am I a fan of foods that have anything more than a hint of lemon in them. So when a Twitter follower suggested that I try Publix Premium Lemon Sugar Cookie Ice Cream, I was skeptical about my enjoyment of it. The Publix carton describes the frozen concoction as, “lemon sugar cookie ice cream with lemon sugar cookies and ribbons of vanilla icing.”

Lemon Sugar Cookie Ice Cream by Publix
Lemon Sugar Cookie Ice Cream from Publix.
Photo by William Kristoph

I feared the worst. I feared that my mouth would be filled with the taste of Pledge or one of the many Rachael Ray dishes I’ve tried that ended up with far too much lemon in them. Thankfully, I a light lemon flavor surprised me as my skepticism melted away. Publix Lemon Sugar Cookie Ice Cream was refreshing. For a heavy-duty premium ice cream, this is unusual. I wasn’t left feeling like I needed to scrape the sugar off of my teeth, even with premium vanilla ice cream and vanilla icing mixed throughout. The cookie pieces kept the lemon self-constained. They were small, but plentiful, and ended up making the overall ice cream feel so much lighter.

After a couple of disappointing Blue Bell flavors in recent weeks, I didn’t expect much from something flavored with lemons. But, I’m very happy that gave Publix Lemon Sugar Cookie Ice Cream a shot. If you can still find it on Publix shelves, it’s worth a try!

Publix Lemon Sugar Cookie Ice Cream
A mug full of Publix Lemon Sugar Cookie Ice Cream
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4

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