Blue Bell Review – Century Sundae

Century Sundae Ice Cream by Blue Bell Review

By William Kristoph


About a week ago I tried out Blue Bell Century Sundae for the first time. According to Blue Bell’s website Century Sundae is, “Our most popular ice cream, Homemade Vanilla, swirled with caramel and chocolate sauces, a whipped topping and diced maraschino cherries.”

Unlike my experience with Rockslide Brownie, Century Sundae didn’t disappoint! First of all I’m not a fan of maraschino cherries, but Blue Bell found a way to incorporate them without making them a star of the ice cream. The cherries bits are tiny and the amount of syrup mixed into the ice cream just adds a nice hint of the flavor. The caramel and chocolate sauce swirls are plentiful and work nicely with Homemade Vanilla (which I’m not a fan of on its own). The best part, and perhaps most unexpected, is the whipped topping swirl. It brings in a lightness and coolness to what would otherwise be a very heavy ice cream.

Pick up some Blue Bell Century Sundae while it’s in the rotational flavors!

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