What Should Tallahassee Eat? – Lenny’s Sub Shop

By William Kristoph

Lenny’s Sub Shop (Tallahassee, FL) Review

I took a ride over to Lenny’s Sub Shop to try to satisfy another Philly Cheesesteak craving. Lenny’s is on the corner of 6th and Thomasville Road. I suggest approaching from 6th rather than making a left from Thomasville Road if you’re headed there. When I entered, friendly employees greeted me. I took a moment to review the menu and decided to go with the #11 Philly Cheesesteak straight up with a bag of Lenny’s Baked BBQ Chips and a drink.

Philly Cheesesteak at Lenny's Sub Shop
The #11 Philly Cheesesteak at Lenny’s Sub Shop.
Photo by William Kristoph

A few minutes later my hot sub arrived at the table. The meat, grilled onions and peppers were piping hot, but the sliced cheese was still solid under the meat and that the bread was only warm-ish disappointed me. I took a bite. The bread is above average, the meat was nicely shaved and had a fair amount. The cheese melted as I ate the sandwich, but I would have preferred a messier and more melted cheese or cheese sauce. The Lenny’s Baked BBQ chip were very similar to Baked Lay’s chips.

Overall, Lenny’s is an interesting chain. I feel like they provide a good value regarding quantity and cost. My 7″ sub plus chips and a drink was under $10. But, at the same time, I’d rather pay a bit more for a more satisfying to my taste buds sandwich. It’s worth a try for a quick bite to eat, especially if you’re light on cash. But, ultimately I had to give it an “I Didn’t Like It” for my Urbanspoon rating.

Lenny's Sub Shop #145 on Urbanspoon

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