What Should Tallahassee Eat? – Metro Deli

By William Kristoph

Metro Deli (Tallahassee, FL) Turkey Club Sub Review

My wife was kind enough to bring me lunch last week. This time she asked if I had ever tried Metro Deli and when I told her that I hadn’t she said, “Sweet, another place for you to review!” When she arrived, she brought me a Turkey Club Sub Box, which included chips, a drink and a peanut butter cookie. How the plastic wrap wrapped up the sandwich in a half box impressed me. Cling wrap is the end of me at home, so I appreciate the skills used here.

The Turkey Club Sub Box

Turkey Club Sub and Peanut Butter Cookie from Metro Deli
The Turkey Club Sub and a Peanut Butter Cookie from Metro Deli in Tallahassee, FL.
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4 with HDR

After unwrapping the sandwich, I surveyed it. It looked okay, but there was one weird thing about it. The sub bread was pure doughy white. It was cooked, but there was no browning on it anywhere. It wasn’t visually appealing to me, so I took extra care to look under the roll. I was pleasantly surprised. The turkey was good, the bacon was plentiful. I feel like it could use some more lettuce and tomato. The down side was definitely the bread. It’s flavor matched its pure white color. Bland.

The peanut butter cookie? Oh come on, when is a cookie not the best part of the meal? It was moist, soft, chewy and delicious. Overall, a Box at Metro Deli is a pretty good bang for the buck since you get a cookie and chips with the sandwich and a drink. I’ll try a different bread next time, since the sub roll didn’t do it for me. I rated Metro Deli “I Like It” on Urbanspoon.

Metro Deli of Tallahassee on Urbanspoon

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