What Should Tallahassee Eat? – Marco’s Pizza

By William Kristoph

Marco’s Pizza (N. Magnolia Street, Tallahassee, FL) Review

If you follow me here or on Twitter, you know that I’m always looking for good pizza. Marco’s Pizza fits the bill, as long as you keep it in the context of cheap, chain pizza. If you expect veggies from a can and plenty of melted, gooey cheese you’ll be happy with Marco’s Pizza on North Magnolia. Surprisingly, Marco’s Pizza has a better than average salad option and their boneless chicken dippers are well paired with a couple of slices of pizza. Marco’s Pizza is also super speedy. On an average night, I can place my order online and have it ready for pickup within 15 minutes.


Salad at Marco's Pizza
Salad from Marco’s Pizza
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4

For a salad that’s a mixed assortment of canned items and fresh, I’m impressed with the salad at Marco’s Pizza. First, toppings are customized. Second, it’s always ice-cold. Finally, they include a branded dressing on the side, so if you take the salad home you can use your own dressing. It’s easy to assemble a crispy and cold salad at home, instead of dealing with soggy lettuce.

Chicken Dippers

Marco's Pizza Chicken Dippers
Chicken Dippers from Marco’s Pizza
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4

Although they’re not much to look at, the chicken dippers are hot, juicy and satisfy my craving for some chicken fingers to go with my pizza. I think they’re better than the options at other chain pizza places. If dippers aren’t your thing, Marco’s also has serviceable wings. I stick with the dippers though because the Marco’s buffalo sauce is too hot for my tongue.

Pepperoni Pizza

Marco's Pepperoni Pizza
Marco’s Pizza – Pepperoni Pizza
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4

Simply put, this is good chain pizza. This is not what I expect from an independent pizza place, nor is it what I would expect from a gourmet pizza place. This is pizza that is ready quickly, boxed hot and is inexpensive. The sauce is traditional pizza sauce, and not sweet like so many chains use. The cheese is gooey and the pepperoni is greasy. It’s cheap pizza at it’s finest. If I have one complaint about Marco’s, it’s that the crust is heavy on the salt. A few hours after eating it, I’m running to the water pitcher.

I love pizza. I’m not a pizza snob and I can appreciate Marco’s Pizza for what it is: cheap and fast. They also have the best customer service of the chain pizza places. They fixed an issue that I had on this particular trip before I could say anything. Kudos to the team at the Magnolia location for fixing the issue and keeping a customer happy. I rated Marco’s Pizza “I Like It” on Urbanspoon. It’s worth a stop by for fast service and quick, cheap and hot pizza.

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