What Should Tallahassee Eat? – Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza

***Disclaimer: The Tallahassee Food Blogger’s Association was invited to tour and taste test Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza. As part of it, I personally sampled pizza and salad for free. In no way did anyone at Joe Mama’s ask or imply that it should influence this review.***

By William Kristoph

TFBA Meetup

As part of the first ever #TFBA meetup, we were able to tour Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza, check out the kitchen and talk with Devon, one of the owner-managers in Tallahassee (along with her brother) and Jim, her dad, the creator and owner of the original Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza in Port St. Joe, FL. Devon greeted and seated us with a smile and a ton of info about Joe Mama’s Pizza. The restaurant is beautifully decorated, featuring a modern feel with black and white photography of local areas. The wood fired oven is visible from the dining area, as is the bar area. I’m normally not one to comment on atmosphere, but Joe Mama’s is the only pizzeria that I feel would make for a romantic date night. It fits the Mid Town area and target audience perfectly.

Devon and Jim
Devon and her father Jim in the kitchen of Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza, explaining their fresh and local approach to food.
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4 and iPhoto

Devon introduced her father, Jim, who laid out the Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza way and gave us a background of the original Port Saint Joe location and this new Tallahassee location. Fresh, local and quality is the best I can sum it up. Top it off by cooking it in a wood fired pizza oven imported from Italy and the owners’ passion for food really shines. Jim and Devon filled us in about anything and everything and had us tour both the oven area and the kitchen. I personally thought they way they roll and stretch their dough was interesting. There is no tossing at Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza, unless it’s the salad made at your table!

After concluding the tour we were served some samples of food, wine and beer. I opted for water, so I can’t comment on the wine or beer directly. But it appeared that Joe Mama’s has a selection that would satisfy most diners.

Joe Mama’s Pizza (Tallahassee, FL) Review

Joe Mama's Wood Fired Pizza - Tallahassee, FL
Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza in Tallahassee, FL
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4 and iPhoto

I enjoyed the salad a lot, but it contained the only thing I didn’t like. Joe Mama’s makes their own croutons from leftover Focaccia, however I feel like it clashed with a very good House Vinaigrette. I kept getting a Focaccia pop when I wasn’t expecting it. When I order it again, I’ll just ask them to hold the croutons.

Fresh Salad at Joe Mama's Wood Fired Pizza
Salad at Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza in Tallahassee, FL
Photo by William Kristoph using iPhone 4 and iPhoto

Please forgive me. I thought I had pictures of the pizza, but they aren’t on my phone. So, I promise to link over to the other TFBA websites, which will have tons of photos in the near future. I was able to sample three pizzas. I tried the regular cheese pizza, the Quattro (basil, olive oil, fresh mozzarella, dry mozzarella and prosciutto) and the Fumoso (smoked prosciutto, fresh tomatoes, red onions, provolone and pecan pesto sauce). My friend Joe and I agreed that if a pizzeria has good cheese pizza, then the rest of them are usually good too. Joe Mama’s has excellent cheese pizza. The crust is thin and chewy with a bit of crunch in the bottom. The sauce is fresh and bright, not sweet. The cheese is plentiful and not overly greasy. The Quattro pizza was easily my favorite. The prosciutto added a bit of saltiness to the olive oil and basil. The fresh mozzarella shined through. It was delicious, and I can’t wait to go back for more.


Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza is an excellent addition to the Mid Town area. The atmosphere and food quality are perfect for the area. The dining area and bar are great for a date. If you’re looking for cheap pizza, then this isn’t your place. Joe Mama’s 12 inch pizzas aren’t cheap, but each bite is worth every penny. Quality shines through, thanks to the fresh ingredients and service is an important part of the Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza way. Pair a pizza or two with some wine or craft beer and call it a date night. I rated Joe Mama’s Wood Fired Pizza “I Like It” on Urbanspoon.

Joe Mama's Wood Fired Pizza on Urbanspoon

Special thanks to Tasty Tallahassee and Sweet Tea & Bourbon for organizing the TFBA members for the get together!

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