I Really Dislike Negative Reviews But… Romano’s Macaroni Grill

By William Kristoph

Generally, I skip out on writing bad reviews of restaurants in Tallahassee. I just take my business elsewhere and move on. This particular review has a silver lining, the service, which I feel like deserves a big pat on the back, so I’m writing about it. I wasn’t planning on reviewing Romano’s Macaroni Grill, so I skipped the pictures this time. My apologies. Overall, the food was bad, but the service was excellent. 


My wife and I ordered some Crispy Artichoke Potato Cakes and Baked Prosciutto and Mozzarella. Our server, who was attentive and apologetic about the kitchen being backed up (it was FSU Graduation in all fairness), brought our appetizers out in about 40 minutes. The temperature of the artichoke cakes was warm-ish. The taste was heavy on the capers, which my wife liked, but wasn’t my favorite.

The Baked Prosciutto on the other hand was terrible. The temperature of the dish was again questionable, the mozzarella balls were okay, but the prosciutto was cut like thick ham. To top it off, some mint made it into the dish instead of the intended basil.


One of the specials was the Pasta Sampler, a combo of three small sample size dishes of Prosciutto Mac-n-Cheese, Sausage Quadratini and Carmela’s Chicken. The dishes arrived about 25 minutes after the appetizers. At that point, my wife and I had lost our appetite, so when our waiter delivered them we asked for some containers and our check so that we could just take it to go. Our waiter was, yet again, very helpful, very apologetic and took off to get some containers. My wife’s pasta was lukewarm, mine looked like it was hot. In all honesty, neither one of us tried it later on.

The Silver Lining

Again, the reason I’m even bothering to write this up is because I want to praise our waiter and the manager. Our waiter told the manager about our experience as he was preparing our check and she came over, very apologetic, got rid of most of our bill for the meal and hoped that we’d come back in the future for a better experience. In my personal experience, this kind of service is very rare in Tallahassee. Rarely do I see a manager that cares very much or a server that goes out of his way to take care of a table. Kudos to her and to our waiter. Service like that is the only thing that will help Romano’s Macaroni Grill survive competition from Olive Garden and the soon to open Buca di Beppo nearby.

I rated Romano’s Macaroni Grill “I dislike it” on Urbanspoon. I am willing to try it again in another year thanks to an awesome waiter and a great manager. We’ll see if it survives the opening of Buca di Beppo just down the road at the Governor’s Square Mall.

Romano's Macaroni Grill on Urbanspoon

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