Tuesday Links – Food, Fun and Technology

I have a bunch of interesting blog links to share today!

Tallahassee Food Blogs

  • Sweet Tea & Bourbon was pretty kind about a poor review of The Lunchbox. One check of the comments and you’ll see there are some avid defenders of it in Tallahassee. Me? I’ll skip it.
  • Another new Tallahassee food blog joined the race to #2 on Urbanspoon behind Sweet Tea & Bourbon. Welcome to the most definitely originally named – Ermahgerd, Mershed Perterders! 
  • Also, What’s Cooking Tallahassee? has a new review up for Barnaby’s. Personally, I’m not a fan and never have been, but I know it has a huge following. Let the NY Style vs Chicago Style pizza debate carry on.

Fun And More Food

  • I’ve had way too much fun going out to eat lately. Check out the latest and greatest K-Time reviews on Village Pizza & Pasta, The Cake Shop and Uptown Cafe.
  • Big, big, huge applause for Publix Deli. They made a tray of deli meats and a tray of veggies that were absolutely awesome.
  • FSU Football starts soon. If you’re not reading Tomahawk Nation, start reading it now.
  • While your watching the Noles, these Chocolate Monkey Peanut Butter Bites might be good.
  • Also, does anyone else remember the Olympic failure that was Dan vs Dave years ago? Mental Floss has an article about Dan vs. Dave.


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