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Bagelheads (Tallahassee) Review (@BagelHeads)

For the last two weeks I’ve had a hankering for Bagelheads. I don’t mean a hankering for a sandwich or a hankering for a bagel. I specifically wanted the satisfaction that is a Bagelheads bagel sandwich. It’s no surprise considering I have it listed as a Favorite on Urbanspoon. So after Tropical Storm Debby bailed out of Tallahassee, my wife and I made our way to Bagelheads for lunch on a unseasonably and beautifully sunny June day.

The Johnni Appleseed

Bagelheads - Johnni Appleseed bagel sandwich
My favorite / go-to sandwich at Bagelheads, The Johnni Appleseed

I’ve tried 75% of the sandwich menu at Bagelheads. They are all excellent and there are tons of options to suit any mood. But, as you might already know if you’ve been paying attention, I love apples. My go to sandwich at Bagelheads is The Johnni Appleseed.

From the Bagelheads Menu: Johnni Appleseed – Honey Maple Chicken, Bacon, Swiss Cheese, Mayo, Lettuce, and tart, Granny Smith Apple Slices.

That sounds good doesn’t it? Here’s a blogger / guy who likes to eat tip. Make sure you get the bagel toasted (Parmesan is my recommendation) and the meat heated up. It turns a great cold sandwich into something even better. The ice-cold Granny Smith apple is amplified by the warm bagel and chicken. Salty, sweet, warm and cold with a bagel that is easy to chew; how can you beat it? You can’t!

Bagelheads Coleslaw

Coleslaw at Bagelheads in Tallahassee, FL
Bagelheads Coleslaw is the best in Tallahassee.

First up, if you want a slaw that is mayonnaise based, then this is not your item. Bagelheads slaw is vinegar based. It’s lighter, tastier and healthier than it’s more common cousin. I actually consider trying to lick the paper clean of every last drop when I go, but that would probably embarrass my wife. It might also make the patrons stare at me, and I’m totally not going for that.

Vanilla Dream Muffin

I’ve had tons of bagels from BH, but until now had not tried a muffin. Frankly, I avoid muffins because most of them I’ve tried at restaurants are dry and generally tasteless. That’s not so with the Vanilla Dream. Thankfully, my wife wanted one and offered to split it with me. On first inspection it smelled wonderful. It wasn’t hit-me-in-the-face vanilla, but it hinted at what I was about to find below the crusty top. The muffin is so rich, moist and more cake-like than any muffin I’ve had before. It made for a perfect dessert after my sandwich, or it would go great with a cup of coffee to start the day.

Bagelheads is already a “Favorite” of mine on Urbanspoon. Please check out more reviews by clicking the Urbanspoon badge below:
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