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Thanks in part to Sweet Tea and Bourbon, and in part to Urbanspoon, I’ve been poking around Tallahassee to finally go to the places I’ve meant to try for years, but never did. I’ve been here quite a while (pushing 15 years), and for some reason there are places that I pass by hundreds of times, but never go in. Lofty Pursuits (@LoftyPursuits) was one of those places, until now. Part of the reason I always passed by LP when it was in its old location years ago was that I thought it was just a toy store.

Silly me.

Not only does Lofty Pursuits have tons of fun puzzles, toys, yo-yos, and you-name-it-cool-stuff, they have everything an old-fashioned ice cream and soda shop needs. Namely, a super friendly staff, a menu that has a bazllion combinations of ice cream sundaes, floats and cones. Oh and they make their own hard candy too. Their shop on Timberlane Road is awesome and reminds me of fun places I’ve visited in Savannah, GA and Naples, FL.

The Chocolate Banana Split Sundae

Chocolate Banana Split - Lofty Pursuits - Tallahassee, FL
My wife enjoyed this Chocolate Banana Split at Lofty Pursuits. She put a good dent in this huge sundae.

My wife ordered the Chocolate Banana Split Sundae. IT’S HUGE. We were asked if we were splitting the sundae, but my wife and I said no. We wanted to try as much as our stomachs would allow us! Plus, she’s eating for two and I wanted to see how many back-flips we could make our child do. 🙂 My wife went with only two scoops, one of Deep Dark Chocolate and one of Mocha Scotty. To quote my wife, “I could eat that all day long.” Mind you, she’s not an ice cream fan!

Watching the assembly of this is half the fun. Bananas, ice cream, whipped cream, toppings. It’s a five-minute processes! I tried a bite of both too and they were smooth and rich. The Mocha Scotty is perfect for mass consumption. The Deep Dark Chocolate is for every chocolate lover looking for their new chocolate high. It’s THAT rich and it’s THAT chocolaty.

The King Is Alive Sundae

The King Is Alive at Lofty Pursuits in Tallahassee, FL
Elvis didn’t tap me on the shoulder and ask for a bite, but The King Is Alive and well in Tallahassee. I was in peanut butter and banana heaven.

Normally I’m not a banana split guy. I usually go with a cup of ice cream or a milkshake, but the bananas at Lofty Pursuit looked tasty and after seeing my wife’s sundae I decided to try The King Is Alive. TKIA is vanilla ice cream, sliced banana, peanut butter, marshmallow and chocolate whipped cream. Elvis would love this sundae, definitely. The chocolate whipped cream was the perfect complement to the vanilla ice cream and the peanut butter topping. The marshmallow topping added a nice background smoothness to the whole sundae.

Can you tell that I loved it? If it’s not obvious, keep reading.

Elvis Has Left The Building

Elvis Has Left The Building
I think Lofty Pursuits should announce that Elvis has left the building when you finish off The King Is Alive.

Yes, I finished it. No, I don’t feel one bit guilty about it. Lofty Pursuits was THAT good. Normally I don’t care too much about atmosphere, but between the soda fountain, toys, candy making area and all of the cool decorations, Lofty Pursuits made me notice. It’s a fun place to take a break and enjoy some ice cream in Tallahassee. Not only do “I Like It” on Urbanspoon, but I’ve added Lofty Pursuits to my “Favorites” on Urbanspoon. It’s a fun place to bring the kids or to have some dessert on a date night. I also encourage you to check out another review of Lofty Pursuits over at The Bucket List Queen.

Lofty Pursuits on Urbanspoon

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