What Should Tallahassee Eat? – Wells Brothers (Monk’s)

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Thanks to the Tallahassee NCAA Baseball Regional I finally made the trip over to Wells Brothers Bar and Grill (Monk’s) between the early game and late game on Saturday. I’m happy to report that I have a new place in town to add to my list of likes! Even though there was a large crowd we found a spot on the back patio in the shade and had awesome service from our waitress, Rosie. Since I don’t really care about atmosphere when I eat out, I’ll skip it. I didn’t notice whether it was especially good or bad, plus we were outside. The only downside I’ll mention is parking. It’s brutal if there’s a crowd, so be prepared to do some delicate driving in and out of the parking lot. On the flip side of that, dealing with the parking is definitely worth it since the food is so good!

The Food

We tested out the onion rings and the artichoke dip. The rings were solid. The artichoke dip? Amazing! It’s not that typical junk dip that you get at a chain restaurant. This was loaded with artichoke and chunky. The pita chips and crackers with it were the perfect vessel for getting that awesome dip in my belly!

I picked The Panhandle for my lunch / dinner. It’s a beautiful burger, loaded with roasted red peppers, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese and a sweet mild BBQ sauce all on some buttery sourdough bread. I added grilled onions to it too, thanks to the suggestion of our waitress. She was spot on with that suggestion. It added another level of flavor to an already great burger. The fries were super hot and not overly greasy. I polished them off too.

I also sampled The Gator-Hater which was very tasty if not a little less exotic than The Panhandle. If a standard burger is desired, I’d go with that one. I think on my next trip I’ll check out The Italian Stallion. Pizza? Burger? Even the Wells Brothers menu doesn’t know. Me? I don’t care, I love both. It definitely looks like it’s worth a shot. If you haven’t been to Wells Brothers aka Monk’s yet, go. Go now! It’s a very excellent burger right here in Tallahassee.

For a more professional review than I’ll ever provide, please check out Mike Bonfanti’s review “Wells Brothers’ Burger Lives Up To The Hype” over on Sweet Tea & Bourbon.

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