Graco Lauren In Espresso Finish Crib Review

Graco Lauren Crib Espresso
Graco Lauren Crib (Espresso) – Ignore the sliders under the legs.

After doing a good amount of research, I decided to bite the bullet and purchase the Graco Lauren Crib in Espresso from Walmart online. Overall, it rated pretty well and looked like it was a good value for the price. There were the standard set of 1 star reviews, which could scare anybody off, but I have a feeling that those reviews either aren’t legitimate or were really about a bad shipping experience.

This is the second time I’ve used Walmart’s Site-To-Store option. For big, bulky items it’s awesome. Shipping to the store is free, so if you have a vehicle large enough to pick the item up with you can save yourself a good chunk of cash. From arrival to exit I was at the store for 20 mins max. The package had the typical dings that happen in shipping, but in general, the crib container was in great shape.

I’ve heard horror stories from friends and family about crib assembly. “Have fun cussing for a couple of hours.” Online there are a couple of reviews talking about missing, parts, manuals and broken pieces. One review even claimed that three hours later the crib still wasn’t together. My personal experience was excellent, not frustrating. Each part was in good shape, all of the screws and connectors were neatly packaged, and everything was ready to assemble. I removed everything from the box, laid it out on the floor and prepared to assemble the crib.

Graco Lauren Crib Espresso Assembly
For a minute, I started at the parts and wondered if I was missing the hard part. The Graco Lauren Crib goes together with an Allen wrench and it’s relatively few parts. The instructions, overall we’re very clear. The only question I ran into was whether to use one wood dowel or two on each side to connect the top back piece. A very close inspection of the instructions revealed that two was the proper number thanks to two dotted lines flowing from the one dowel pictured. With some help from my wife holding a part here and there I had it assembled in about an hour.

Graco Lauren Crib Espresso Mattress Springs

Overall Value
Is the Graco Lauren Crib as flashy as more expensive counterparts? Definitely not. There are no covers for the connectors, a minor cosmetic issue for some. Personally, I’m happy to skip them since they could be a choking hazard. The Espresso finish is beautiful. It’s obviously a spray on finish, so a minor complaint is that there is an uneven finish in the corners and crevices of the crib. The mattress height is adjustable, but it requires removing the front of the crib, manually unbolting the spring frame and reinstalling it at a lower level. It’s a minor inconvenience considering the price of this crib is well below anything with an automatic height adjustment.

The construction is super solid. The finish is beautiful. Assembly was four letter word free. I can’t ask for more in a piece of furniture. I rate the Graco Lauren Crib in Espresso 4.5 stars out of 5. It was an excellent experience and the crib should last a very long time based on its quality of materials.

P.S. We chose a Sealy Baby Firm Rest Crib Mattress and it fits this crib perfectly. It’s tight to the frame of the crib.

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